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Der CutMaster

RS CutMaster

Substitute biomaterial for biogas maize

  • GROUP SCHUMACHER introduces the RS CutMaster universal chopper
  • Flexible use in combination with a spreader or tractor
  • Processes horse dung and cattle manure

Using biomass from different sources rather than solely energy plants for biogas production is a viable and economical option which also helps reduce the amount of arable land reserved for growing fuel crops. Yet to achieve rapid fermentation and sufficiently high gas yields biomass from alternative sources needs to be processed before it is fed into the digester.

Der Rasspe CutMaster wirft etwas aus

GROUP SCHUMACHER now presents a new universal biomass chopper for mobile use. The Rasspe branded RS CutMaster unit slices and processes the material in preparation of fermentation, allowing plant operators to use high-fibre horse dung and cattle manure as well as hay, straw and silage bales as input substrates in substitution for renewable energy crops (usually maize), thereby using less land for growing energy crops. This innovation offers great advantages with respect to substrate options, quality of fermentation, investment and operating costs, flexibility and work economy.

Silage vom CutMaster

The RS CutMaster is an easy-to-handle and robust cutter that processes a wide variety of substrates. Working reliably and blockage-free, the chopper processes material of any water content. The modular RS CutMaster can be adapted to existing machines (manure spreader, forage wagon) and is a smaller investment than comparable systems. Operated by a tractor, the mobile unit can be used at multiple sites and also processes fresh material. No pre-processing and no storing of dung or manure is required. The low-maintenance RS CutMaster consists of two chopping units and a rotor that breaks up the material and feed it to the chopping units. The rear door opens and closes hydraulically, the blades and counterblades are easy to replace, and the material feed is controlled remotely.

Die Maschine wird repariert

RS CutMaster handles all types of biomass without changing tools. The new and versatile development offers farmers, machinery rings, contractors and large-scale operations a new and wide range of potential applications, such as breaking up and processing straw bales for use as roughage or fine bedding.

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