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Group Schumacher SCH

The universal cutting system

EasyCut II

Group Schumacher EasyCut II product
Group Schumacher SCH
The SCHUMACHER cutting system

For perfect cuts

The Schumacher cutting system

Your success factor
The cutting systems from Schumacher play pivotal roles in successful combining and getting the maximum performance from combines. The EasyCut systems from Schumacher are at work around the world where ever farmers are harvesting grain, soybeans and rice. All parts of the system are bolted for easy handling and replacement, and the modular design suits all common cutter bars, offering individual solutions, especially for extra wide headers. The sections in the overlapping areas are available in many variations, along with special overlapping ‘shoes’, providing customized solutions for individual needs.


Exceptional stability


Excellent cutting force


Smooth and quiet operation


Universal system for all combines and crops




Great resistance to wear

Twice as sharp

EasyCut II section

Hardened sections
The ProCut sections are mounted in the unique Schumacher face-up/face-down arrangement that ensures an extremely smooth operation of the knife.


Pro Cut sections are hardened and galvanized


Optimized teeth suit all harvest conditions


Easy replacement, bolt-on assembly

Sections with 7, 11 and 14 tpi variations for different crops and harvest conditions

The EasyCut II section
There are various variants of EasyCut II sections: With 7, 11 and 14 tpi serration
The original

ProCut sections

ProCut section


The standard ProCut section is a synonym for perfect cuts in grass, grain, soybeans and sunflower. These sections are the perfect solution for any crop and harvest situation.

ProCut air section

ProCut air SECTION

This lightweight section from SCHUMACHER is suitable for all cutter bars and cutting systems. Compatible with any other sections, they have a major impact on the overall performance of the machine. Less weight translates into a number of benefits: less strain on the drive components, reduced vibrations on the header, better efficiencies from higher cutting frequencies, higher work rates and longer service lives of all components in the driveline.

Special sections

Special sections

The Special sections from Schumacher were designed to meet special customer needs and cut special crops like sunflowers. Special sections are also found on the outer ends of a knife and where cutting widths overlap.

Gripping and precise

EasyCut II

Cutting both ways
For maximum stability and height control, the EasyCut II guards are bolted to the top and bottom of the angle bar and are supported by a wear plate. The Schumacher guards have top and bottom cutting edges for balanced control of the sections.

Your benefits:


Extremely wear-resistant surface and flexible core


Top and bottom cutting edges


Special tempering process applied


Great stability at maximum flexibility


Precision gaps for excellent knife control

12 mm, 14 mm and 17 mm sizes for optimal adjustment to the angle bar and flex bar

Top and bottom mounted EasyCut II sections
EasyCut II
12 | 14 | 17 mm

Guard types

EasyCut II Standard double guards

Standard double guards

SCHUMACHER guards have top and bottom cutting edges for balanced control of the sections. These guards are typically used in cereal combining and are available in 12 mm, 14 mm and 17 mm lengths.

EasyCut II super short double guards

Short double guards

The super short double guards are typically used in soybeans. Their rounded tips prevent the accumulation of material. The shorter length allows the guards to work very close to the ground.

EasyCut II special guards

Specialty guards

The Specialty Guards from SCHUMACHER are used in the zone near the knifehead, in the overlap zone on cutter bars with dual drives, and to cut special crops.

Counteracting the cutting force

EasyCut II
Wear plate

The strong counterpart
Any force needs a counteracting force to maintain a balanced system. If this is absent in the cutting system, the cut will run out of control. In the cutting system, this counteracting role is played by the wear plate which guides the rear of the section from below. Wear plates are individual components that are easy to replace.

Available in 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm variations for optimal alignment of the cutting system on the angle bar.

In combination with roller guides, the wear plate also serves as a spacer plate on EasyCut II roller guide systems.

EasyCut II wear plate detail view
EasyCut II wear plate

The optimal knife guiding system

EasyCut II

The sandwich system
The roller guides the knife assembly ensuring smooth operation of the cutting system.

The advantages


Maintenance-free ball bearing roller guides


Reduced vibration and friction


Reduced wear in the entire system

EasyCut II top roller

Top roller
The top roller guide ensures the knife stays level under load and balances the sections as they move through the guards, extending the lifespan of all components.


Recommended for all headers

EasyCut II Bottom roller

Bottom roller
Replacing the wear plates, the bottom roller guide reduces friction and input power to drive the knife.


Used in combination with the top roller guide

All parts shipped in a 9 ft box

EasyCut II
Sectional knife

Easy assembly
The modular EasyCut sectional knives are designed to fit into a 9 ft box for easy, fast and less expensive shipment.

Knife connector kit
Secure fit by using Precote bolts. An adhesive is pre-applied to the thread as a dry film that is activated only when the bolt is threaded into place.
1 knife connector with self-clinching nuts
3 sections
10 Precote bolts

The advantages


Easy handling and assembly


Easy storage


Easy shipment

EasyCut II sectional knives
ProCut knife connection kit