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a Special application cuts a hedge

Schumacher systems

Special applications

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Group Schumacher Special applications

Special applications

Schumacher Systems for special applications

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In addition to components for combine harvesters, GROUP SCHUMACHER also offers products for special applications: we offer cutting and trimming solutions for landscaping, horticulture, shrubs, orchards and trees. Our hedge trimmer application is effective for border, roadside and hedge management. The rasspe® tying machine is designed for plant nursery business needs. Also, we provide tying systems for stationary baling.

Ready to work anytime, anywhere

Cutting and tying

hedge trimmer

Tree and hedge trimmer
Process: Cutting

A strong and reliable cutter bar is recommended for professional grounds care applications. The Schumacher cutter bars are versatile machines that are available in custom widths to suit individual requirements.


KM-L hedge trimmer


KM-S hedge trimmer


KM-X branch cutter

Tying machine Process: Tying

Tying machine
Process: Tying

Plant nursery businesses who seek high-quality and reliable equipment will opt for the rasspe® tying machine. The machine ties a wide range of nursery products into compact bundles. Designed as a robust and mobile unit, it is ready to work anywhere – indoors and outdoors.


Ties roses, shrubs, and nursery trees to easy-to-handle bundles


With rasspe® single knotter


Mobile unit

Stationary baling Process

Stationary baling
Process: Tying

Offering superior functionality and reliability, the rasspe® tying systems are available in various output classes. We provide custom solutions for agricultural and recycling applications and individual needs.


Waste recycling


Biomass baling


Up to 5 double knotters per unit