Innovative component and wear parts for harvesters worldwide.

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Perfect Harvest.

Group Schumacher

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Cutting | Chopping | Binding

Group Schumacher

World + Harvesting = Schumacher

We are a global player that is a family-owned and operated group of manufacturers, developing, producing and marketing innovative components and parts for the agriculture industry. We operate seven offices and production sites on four continents and employ more than 600 people who are committed to bringing our products to millions of harvesters around the world.

We are Schumacher.

Agricultural Machinery

At harvest time, everything is at stake for farmers. It is the season to reap the benefits from your investments in tillage, plants and spraying. And yet, there is only a small window of time for completing one of the most challenging and complex operations in farming – harvesting. As leading manufacturers of Cutting and Binding technology for harvesters, we are passionate about making your harvest a perfect success.

Global Player

Operating in Germany, USA, Brazil, Russia and China – we are rooted in the rural regions of Westerwald and Bergische Land in Germany. And yet the world is our home. Around the world, GROUP SCHUMACHER staff is committed to the perfect harvest. This international activity is the foundation of our success. The diverse regions of the world offer a wealth of resources our experts tap into when answering your questions. We are in tune with your needs.


We are committed to remaining the innovation and world market leader in our fields of specialization into the future. We are driven by the demands of farmers who seek higher yields and efficiencies at minimum loss and machine wear. Using leading edge technology, we leverage digital systems and respond with great agility to the complex challenges of changing and volatile markets.

Family business

A strong, global, independent and family-owned and operated company, Group Schumacher has been in the market for over 50 years. We value tradition and independence and are led by 3rd generation family members. Although conservative, we have always been changing and modernizing. We are a strong community that is ready to take on the future.

We are ONE.

Our core competency is the processing of crops on the harvester

Raise your expectations. We raise your yields.

Combine harvester mows grain


Cutting | Chopping

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Special applications

Cutting | Chopping | Binding 

Systems and components for harvesters


SCH for cutting technology

SCH | Cutting technology

The history of the SCH® brand is closely linked to the history of self-propelled combine harvesters. Our commitment has always been to maximize harvest efficiencies.

ewm for drive technology

EWM | Drive technology

EWM® is the brand that drives cutter bars. When traditional drive systems proved to be lacking in stroke and force, EWM presented innovative solutions at an early stage.

rasspe for binding technology

rasspe | Binding technology

The rasspe® brand has a long tradition in the manufacturing of twine knotters and tying systems for square balers. As a global leader, GROUP SCHUMACHER markets its rasspe® single and double knotters and knotter assemblies for machines of all output levels.

radura parts

radura | Parts

The radura® brand specializes in the cutting and chopping of grain and forage. As such, these components contribute significantly to the overall performance of harvesters.

GROUP SCHUMACHER around the world




NEXT STEP OF THE GENERATIONAL CHANGE Moritz Schumacher's entry into the management of SCHUMACHER GmbH, Rasspe Systemtechnik GmbH and SMF-Holding GmbH marks a further step of the generational change in the long-established family company. Born in 1993, Fred...

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Bernhard Högner: “The system is extremely tolerant”

Bernhard Högner: “The system is extremely tolerant”

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Generational handover complete

Generational handover complete

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