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Strategic alliance with Aran

strategic alliance on forged systems in cutter bars

  • Global sales partnership for forged guards
  • Sharing expertise and engineering
  • Expanding the forged systems product range
  • Leveraging knowledge on cutting systems in headers


Eichelhardt, 4 August 2020
By forging an alliance with the Turkish manufacturer Aran, GROUP SCHUMACHER leverages its expertise in cutting technology for combine headers. A manufacturer of forged guards, Aran uses GROUP SCHUMACHER as its exclusive sales partner to market their forged guards on the global markets outside Turkey. Furthermore, the two companies agreed on a close cooperation in the fields of R&D and Engineering of forged cutter bar systems. GROUP SCHUMACHER ceased producing forged guards in 2000 when Rasspe Systemtechnik was integrated in the group. The strategic alliance will tap into this knowledge still available in the company by pursuing specific projects targeted at the expansion of the product line and quality assurance.

The move helps GROUP SCHUMACHER to leverage their expertise in cutting systems for headers and strengthen its position as a partner of all manufacturers of combine harvesters and headers. GROUP SCHUMACHER is renowned for its EasyCut II cutting system which uses steel guards and the Pro-Drive knife drives. “Being a catalyst for new ideas in the field of cutting technology and providing the solutions that cater for all cutting philosophies is of great importance to us”, says Selina Schumacher, owner and Managing Director of GROUP SCHUMACHER. “As a specialist manufacturer, we aim to broaden and enhance our expertise and use it to offer our customers even more comprehensive advice. Aran is the perfect partner who shares our philosophy as a global player and is also a family-run company that is firmly rooted in its home region.”

Aran Hot Forging is a steel processing company that is based in Istanbul, Turkey. The company was founded in 1975 and started to specialise in forged parts in 1987. Today, the owner-run company employs 40 people and follows a strategy of continuous investment and development in the areas of steel processing and forged systems especially for the agricultural market but also for the automotive industry. Aran is certified to the international TS EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

GROUP SCHUMACHER is based in Eichelhardt und Wermelskirchen, Germany and employs more than 500 people in 7 offices and factories in Germany, USA, Brazil, Russia and China. Focused on harvesting machinery, primarily for combines, cutter bars and big balers, the owner-managed group develops, manufactures and markets systems and components under the SCH, EWM, Rasspe and Radura brands. This multi-brand strategy is the cornerstone of the group’s growth strategy on all continents and in all global harvest regions.