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Dmitri Heidebrecht, SCHUMACHER OOO, Heinz-Günter Schumacher, General Manager EWM and owner GROUP SCHUMACHER (both left) as well as Vladimir Strelnikov-SCHUMACHER OOO (right) at the occasion of signing the supplier contract with Rostselmash 2012.russischeRostselmash Premium-Supplier Award for SCHUMACHER OOO

Rostselmash appreciates service quality

Schumacher awarded as RSM Premium-Partner

SCHUMACHER OOO was awarded recently for its excellent product and service quality by Rostselmash, biggest Russian agricultural machine manufacturer. General Director Valery Malzev emphasized on RSM supplier day in Moscow that machine manufacturers and premium suppliers have the common interest to provide the best harvesting technology to meet the growing needs of modern agriculture and all those envolved in harvesting. In times of globalization, the cooperation also includes growth strategies on international markets. RSM relies on premium partners wo offer not only the best technology, but who are willing and capable to constantly optimize quality, logistic and planning.

Malzev also pointed out that the last two years have been extremely challenging, having realized a production increase of 30%, which also affected supplied systems and components. Rostselmash strives to increase its market shares not only in Russia and CIS-states. More than 50 countries import agricultural machinery made by RSM already. A main share in RSM turn-over has become the original parts business, which is supposed to grow further on a large scale.

The reason for awarding SCHUMACHER OOO that RSM pointed out is the lowest level of RRM of all suppliers, which means the relation of delivered and faulty parts. Akim Aslanov, General Manager, proudly received the award in the name of all colleagues at the two locations of SCHUMACHER OOO in Promyschlennaia and Starominskaya.