Crop lifter ARISTA

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Ein erntereifes Feld. Im Vordergrund ist das Schneidwerk eines Mähdreschers zu sehen, an das die neuen Ährenheber ARISTA der Group Schumacher montiert sind.
Group Schumacher SCH

Innovative & easy to handle

Arista+QuickFit System zentriert
Arista+QuickFit System blau
Der Ährenheber ARISTA – Jetzt NEU!
Group Schumacher SCH
View of the Arista crop lifter with detailed descriptions of the Wave Track skid, the tool-free quick-release fastener, safety label, angled slim profile and reversing protection.


Next Generation

the new ARISTA®

crop lifter

A step towards the perfect harvest
With our new ARISTA crop lifter as a universal solution for your cutting system, even difficult harvesting situations can be optimally mastered. Due to its QuickFit system with integrated height adjustment, assembly is extremely time-saving and user-friendly, making it a beneficial innovation .

Thanks to its innovative design, the ARISTA crop lifter offers a number of significant advantages:


Tool-free assembly with multi-level height adjustment


Extremely quick assembly and disassembly


Quick adjustment to the required cutting angle


Universally suitable for all SCHUMACHER guards


Increased wear resistance thanks to proven WaveTrack skid plate


No disturbing attachment elements underneath the cutterbar

for farmers and contractors

The Arista® crop lifter: sweating takes place somewhere else!

Our ear lifters have the WaveTrack profile

Revolutionize your harvesting performance
For farmers and contractors, a high yield, a cleanly harvested field and a first-class stubble appearance are essential. Frequently changing weather conditions often mean limited time for harvesting. Therefore, fast field processing and effortless conversion or adjustment of the cutter bar is a significant advantage to save valuable time.

We have the solution for you: The new ARISTA® crop lifter
With its new features, the new ARISTA crop lifter solves these requirements and optimizes your harvesting results.

What makes the ARISTA® unique?
The ARISTA maximizes your yield by mastering difficult harvesting situations, e.g., with lodged grain, and minimizing harvest losses. Let’s go for the perfect harvest! 

In a field. A young farmer mounts the Arista crop lifters from Group Schumacher on the cutterbar of a combine harvester.